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As a leader in software solutions we at MAPO have made an incredible impact on how Original Equpment Manufacturers conduct market research on their vehicles and equipment.


Internet-Based market research tool for Orignal Equipment Manufacturers on all types of vehicles and equipment in various industries.


Fast and accurate Collision parts basket info is crucial from planning stage monitoring and claims finalisation stage.


All efforts in staying abreast of costs can prove fruitless, if they fail at identifying the asset.


With transparency and availability of accurate data, consumers are empowered to make informed decisions.


Now is the time they require more support and data from OEMs, channel data to accurately calculate and monitor the costs of your services to your clients.


Sales consultants can only perform if they have the required tools to close the deal.

About MAPO

MAPO accepts its responsibility in the various industries to remain innovative in developing cost saving solutions.


We Are The Vehicle and Equipment Data Bank

Our innovative industry-first market research solution, provides OEMs detailed reports on strengths and weaknesses on their vehicles and equipment.

Parts Price Benchmarking

Price Elasticity

Market Positioning

Car-Park vs Sales Volumes

Aftermarket Positioning

Channeling accurate OEM data to Insurance, Fleet and Consumer brings peace-of-mind to OEMs having assurance that their products are correctly represented in all industries.

Model Identification

Parts Baskets

Service Costs

Maintenance Costs

Total Cost of Ownership


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Our Services

The Mapo software is designed as a market research tool for concept-, current- and discontinued vehicles and equipment in various industries. We offer data in the areas of their parts pricing, service- and maintenance costs, total cost of operation and much more.

Our Focus on Industries

The Mapo software is an Internet based data warehouse and market research tool in the Automotive and Commercial Vehicles Industries, and is now also available for Construction-, Agricultural-, Marine-, Forestry, Earth Moving- and Mining equipment and vehicles.

Our software Solutions

We offer services that not only address and fix Industry requirements, but provides cost saving through accurate asset identification, streamlines internal processes and ensures that OEM’s are accurately represented in the marketplace, these innovative solutions benefit the OEM, Insurance, Fleet and Consumer as the end user in the value chain.

MAPO International

MAPO International Co Ltd is looking for a distribution partner in countries where OEMs has established markets, a company that share the same goals and the vision of MAPO being the market leader in market research software and data source to industry. A partnering company that is as excited about the solution and who will give more than what is expected to achieve our goals. A partner who would be active in growing the MAPO brand to its full potential by adding value using their business knowledge and client database in the local market.


Distribution Partnership

Are the industries mentioned, areas I am familiar with?

If the industries mentioned in this document are unknown to you and you would like to use Mapo to enter into these markets with your own product, please don’t waste our time.

Do I have skills that will grow the Mapo brand?

Mapo doesn’t need to partner in software development. We do wish to partner with a company who has a client base in the mentioned industries, we would like a partner with strong sales and marketing skills. Or, tell us what we are missing and what your company has to offer.

Do I have the finance available to obtain the distribution rights?

Although the Mapo software has the potential in generating a lot of revenue that will make both parties very wealthy, we will need a considerable financial commitment for share options in the distribution rights of the Mapo software.

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